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Parent Tips for Hosting Parties:

We know you would never host a party with alcohol for teens, but do you know how to keep teens from trying to sneak it in the front door? Brush up on your chaperone skills — Be The Wall!

  • Control the guest list.

Work with your teen to decide on a guest list ahead of time. Set a limit to the number of people that may attend and make a contingency plan for politely turning away party-crashers. It may be helpful to use the phrase “by invitation only” on the invitation and by the entrance.

  • Set the rules on the invitation.

On the event invitation, clearly state the beginning and ending time, what to bring and what NOT to bring.

  • Choose a manageable location.

Start with a familiar location. Make sure it has good lighting and you can be comfortable monitoring the activity and easily monitor who is coming and going.

  • Keep an eye on purses and backpacks.

Ask teens to leave purses or backpacks in their locked cars or at the front door. Assure them they will be safe in a designated location. Discourage teens from going back and forth from your home to their car.

  • Lock up your alcohol.

Lock up any alcohol in your home before the party. Ask adults who may be attending the party to leave their alcohol at home for the event.

  • Keep them entertained.

Provide plenty to keep them entertained. Utilize the television, swimming pool, video games, karaoke machine, etc. Remember, different things may entertain different teens.

  • Give them space.

Provide plenty of space for them to just “hang out” comfortably where you can see them but not “hover” over them.

  • Avoid using cups.

Utilize single-serve cans instead of disposable cups. DO NOT use a punch bowl or pitchers.

  • Circulate, monitor and make an action plan.

Monitor behavior by circulating around the home and interacting with teens. If you are suspicious of any particular person, don’t single them out. Work with your teen ahead of time to agree upon a course of action should such a situation arise.

  • Control the entrances and exits.

Utilize a location that has clear entrances and exits, such as your home or a community center. If there are multiple exits, you will need to have other (adult) chaperones to monitor those exits.

Most importantly, never let a teen who you believe to be impaired leave your home!
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